Loungeroom Lizards

The Boys are back in town!

Fresh off the heels of their “sold out” gig in Malmö last year, the Loungeroom Lizards are delighted to once again bring their distinct brand of mirth, divilment and tomfoolery from The Land of Saints and Scholars all the way to Fagan’s Bar for two nights only in February.

Armed with two guitars, over 20 years of hardened gig experience between them, a set list of hits that runs the gamut in terms of musical genres and a quantum of energy sufficient enough to power a small country (Luxembourg, at a push), this is one weekend of gigs you simply can’t afford to miss.

So come one, come all and we’ll rattle the rafters together!


“Why did the singer wear a shirt that was two sizes too small for him?”

“Shysters and con artists. That bass player wouldn’t cut the mustard in Whitesnake.”

“Needs more cowbell.”

“The greatest night of my life! They should do more Pitbull covers though!”

“I had an erection throughout the entire thing.”


Feb 08 2019


22:30 - 01:30

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